Leaky Faucet Repairs

A minor drip can waste half a gallon of water a day. By the end of the month, you’ll have to pay for 15 gallons of unnecessary water loss. Leaks are a bane for your utility bills and even more harmful to the environment. Some leaks can even cause a drop in water pressure, so it’s best to arrange a prompt repair. Leaky faucets are often easy and economical to repair. Loose O rings, worn washers, and a rusty valve seat are the most common culprits. Our plumbing team will repair your leak with top-notch components that last.

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Sink Repairs and Replacements in Your Brunswick, OH Home

Sinks can fail due to mechanical damage, hard water, rust, and rot. These are easy problems to fix if you catch them quickly, but if you leave them too long, you might need a replacement. Our plumbing experts will help you to find a solution that suits your pocket. Contact us if:

  • Your water flow has declined. This could mean your pipes are leaking due to decay.
  • Your sink has obvious cracks and stains. Even small cracks will allow water to seep beneath your porcelain, gradually creating holes.
  • The faucet is rusty. Corrosion can destroy fixtures in a matter of weeks, so it must be addressed head-on.
  • Your sink is leaking. Common culprits include rot, mold, and faulty piping.
  • You want to improve your water efficiency. New sink fixtures can save you money while preserving natural resources.

If your sink is backing up after multiple repairs or has obvious, irreparable physical damage, you probably need an upgrade. Sometimes, a flawless sink can simply stop working for you. Your cooking habits might require a deeper design. Additions to your family might require a double sink. Your old fixtures might not work with a remodeled space. You may want an upgrade to enhance your property value. Whatever your motivation, we’ll assist with a premium replacement that fits your budget.

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Faucet Repairs & Replacements

Faucets only last 15 to 20 years. If you live in a hard water area, that life span will shrink exponentially. As you pass the first decade, your repairs will become increasingly frequent. It’s not always easy to decide whether to attempt a repair or order a full replacement.

  • Dripping faucets are often easy to repair, but if an adjustment doesn’t resolve the problem, a replacement is on the cards.
  • Decreased water pressure could be caused by a simple leak, but if you find signs of rust, it’s best to replace the faucet entirely.
  • Leaking faucet handles are often caused by mold and wood rot. If the infestation is particularly severe, no amount of scrubbing will repair the problem, so your plumber may suggest a new fixture.
  • When mineral deposits collect inside your faucet, it will lose the ability to function correctly. Some rust stains and mineral deposits can be removed, but extensive damage requires a more drastic solution.
  • A creaky handle could need little more than a coat of plumber’s grease, but if you have broken components, you’ll need more than a simple repair.

Our plumbing pros have what it takes to repair cracked, aging, and leaky faucets. They’re also trained to provide robust installations when your faucets have passed their “use by” date.

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Why Choose BER’s?

BER’s was founded as a small business in 1993, but we’ve grown by offering exceptional workmanship. We believe that great plumbing combines technical expertise with business integrity. We work with the best brands in the business, so we can bring you a level of quality few can match. For us, no job is too big or small. We’ll resolve a simple washer problem or install an entirely new bathroom. Everything we do is guided by one overarching priority: to provide premium quality.

If you’re ready for top-quality workmanship and service excellence, call BER’s in Brunswick at 330-764-1011 or contact us online.

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